Commercial Complex Solution


塔什干棉农队假球 The commercial complex, normally include retail stores, office, hotel, restaurant, apartment, entertainment and so on, is a multi-functional, efficient and integrated urban living and business space.

After it completes, each commercial complex will deploy various security systems, including video surveillance, alarm, access control, parking system, etc. However, there is a problem that traditional security system is normally with insufficient integration and intelligence, then not easy to take full advantage of the big data, and can’t match daily security management, very necessary to lead a compressive and integrated security solution.


TVT launch the commercial complex solution that integrate video surveillance, access control, parking management, alarm and other branches into one system.

With HD Cameras installed over the whole complex, can monitor all the details in related areas, together with abnormal detection, behavior analysis, face recognition and other smart functions, it will effectively improve the comprehensive security management.

With online access control system, also video surveillance, easily manage the personnel access.

With network alarm system, can flexibly match the requirements from various security service. l

With LPR parking system as well as CMS platform, Vehicles can quickly check the parking space and manage the access and charge.



Customer Benefits

High deification and intelligent applications:

Provide end-to-end HD surveillance solution, includes recording, storing, decoding, and tv wall. Various VCA applications, like abnormal video detection, behavior analysis, face recognition, people counting and LPR are adopted.

One-stop integrated management:

Each branch system can work independently, also as a part integrated to big system, can enforce and linkage each other, unify as one strong security network.

Each branch system can work independently, also as a part integrated to big system, can enforce and linkage each other, unify as one strong security network.

Help the business by client data analysis.

Adopting people counting technology, can easily figure out the impact of product and policies on client flow, also offer reference for rental pricing of counters, shops and advertising space, moreover, according to client flow status, dispatch service staff, cleaning worker and security personnel accordingly.

Advanced parking management mode: 

The solution significantly reduces operating and human cost. It has a precise charge system, minimize the breach caused by human failure, so that ensure Vehicles are charged with full amount.






Warm Hint:

этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...

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