Chain Store Solution


塔什干棉农队假球 Chain operation is a good mode for brand promotion and united image, also an effective way to bring down the logistic and warehouse cost, thus enhance the competitive edge. A chain business generally with dozens of, even hundreds of branches, now is quite popular for consumer, appliance, and restaurant and pharmacy industry.

With the business expanding , more and more branches open , it will be issue for management and security .The headquarter is very necessary to collect information about current conditions of each branch ,which is not easy , besides, the branch manager also prefer to well know all information about the shop, then make actions accordingly.


TVT fully analyze security concerns of Chain business, also after lots of practice together with clients, we launch the solution as following:

Branch store

Entrance: Install smart bullet or dome for access monitoring, calculate the people flow, and collect reference for decision making.

Counter desk: install pancake dome, with two-way audio, easy for remote management, and training as well.

Warehouse: Install smart bullet or dome, with functions like area intrusion, item care, etc, can easily manage linkage alarm, and pre alarm warning.

Storage: Mainly use NVR, connect to IPC and different types of sensor alarm device.


Install NVMS5000, with flexible authority, employee have different limits in different branches. Then can manage real-time preview, playback, remote search and backup. Also can use NVMS5000 to supervise the employee and make remote training.



Customer Benefits:

Improve the management efficiency, remotely check the current conditions of branch shop, ensure its running regularly, and make remote training.

Collect reference to policy making, easily to keep track of client flow data, product display and poster utilization, can adjusting the marketing policy accordingly.

Decreasing the operating cost, with digital surveillance system, adopt smart analysis technology, can effectively bring down the human cost.

Effectively control the loss. The solution deploys VCA technology and sensor alarm, can make prevention and check out unexpected events in advance.

Improve the company image, can help create an effective and harmony operating environment for management, also a safe, comfortable and fully stocked environment for client.






Warm Hint:

этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...

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